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HOTEL INFORMATION WARNING: Please be aware of scam companies. The only official travel agent for Poultry Africa is BTC Group. 
Our official & recommended suppliers can be found via our website only.

Like previous editions, BTC Group is appointed as the official housing and travel agency for Poultry Africa 2019. BTC GROUP has carefully selected the official Poultry Africa 2019 hotels to offer you the most convenience in terms of comfort and commuting. On behalf of VIV, BTC Group has negotiated special hotel rates for exhibitors & visitors. Please visit the website below to make your hotel reservations.

Contact information:
Contact person: Mr. Hans van Buuren
Tel.: +31 (0)343 432 309
Mobile: +31 657 99 62 82

You can view the official Poultry Africa 2019 hotels by clicking on the image below:

Below you can download the Booking form and forward it to BTC Group who will personally take care of your booking.

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